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I am Alexis Larson, better known as my online persona, Nova Nocturne.

I've been around the web for a while, and used to be located under many sporadic usernames. Some may know me previously as Tesseri-Shira, Alethyst, or a few other names. It took a while to finally settle on my final decision, and I plan on not changing at any point in the future. The name Nova Nocturne is derived from my anthropomorphic persona, a ringtail (bassarisk). She has changed much over the years, and I can see my development in her design as I became more mature, and a better-skilled artist.

I am an LDS gal, born in California and raised in Utah; I've grown to be a bit wanderlust, with an immense desire to travel the world. Straying far from home has been a large part of my personality, but I have a great family always waiting for me. I'm blessed that my parents are still married to each other. I have an older sister who is married and has three children with her husband; my older brother was my best friend in childhood and continues to be an amazing and strong man, even though life has been hard on him. And I have a little sister who is as wonderfully eclectic as one could get. I have no biological children of my own yet, but I do happen to have an adorable dog, Kairo, whom you may hear me talk about occasionally.

Recently I got married, and my family grew even more. My husband's immediate family consists of his mother who is a doting woman, and his two younger half-siblings. His younger brother is in the military, and his sister is working on getting a step up in life. There is also my husband's ex-step dad, his girlfriend and their son, who are considered just like family as well. My husband's family has 3 dogs of their own, all of whom are adorable little buggers in their own way.

A little background about my upbringing is that I was raised to love creativity. My mother has done it all; from painting murals, writing children's books, public speaking, publishing her own CD, theater, and so on. My father is all about special effects and old school movie magic, using his skills to create monsters, haunted houses, costumes, and even giant mechanical spiders. My older sister is a costume, and performing aficionado, who when not wrangling her children performs at children's parties as princesses, pirates, fairy, and mermaids. My brother is a musical savant, able to learn a new instrument within a few minutes of picking it up; he has performed in many bands and concerts. And lastly my little sister excels on the stage and in photography, even working as her own model and creating stunning portraits and thought-provoking outfits. In the way, I am surrounded by creativity, and can only hope that my illustration and design hold stand its own amongst such creative giants.

My future goals include traveling the world with my husband, getting into school for studying animation, and eventually raising a family that I can be proud of.

Personal FAQ

1. Who are you? Who is Nova?
My name is Alexis Larson. I'm an LDS gal from Cali, living in Utah with my husband & my dog. Please see About Me for more info. Nova is the anthropomorphic personification of my online presence, and represents myself in the Furry Fandom. She is also my mascot, a tabletop roleplaying character, and more.

2.What animal is Nova?
Nova is a ringtail.

3. Why the name "Nova Nocturne Bassarisk Aurelius?"
I pick names for their meaning. Here are the translations for each name:
Nova - New star or Chases butterflies
Nocturne - Dream song or Of the night
Bassarisk - Ringtail
Aurelius - Golden/Gilded *Aurelius is Nova's married name.

4. Nova is married?
Yes, to Marius Octavius Aurelius, the bull dragon hybrid, who is owned by my husband in real life.

5. Can I draw Nova (or Marius) fan art?
Fan art is always loved! I may even feature it in a blog, video, or give you a shout out.

6. Why would I donate? What do my donations go towards?
Donations are a small way to show appreciation for content created by Nova Nocturne. Donations are considered gifts and will not receive any form of compensation, other than a thank you, and being listed as a sponsor on the monthly sponsor shout out. Any donations made through the donate feature on the site footer go towards site upkeep (such as hosting and domain), the creation of new content, and helps Nova Nocturne with other life expenses.



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