1. Do you do requests?
No. By policy I don't take requests unless expressly stated on a particular event.

2. How do I commission you?
Click the Commission page on the menu and follow it from there.

3. Do you do trades?
I don't have any policy on trades, however my schedule rarely allows time for it. You can ask, but no guarantees.

4. Do you do NSFW art?
No. Please see Terms and Conditions section 3. Some pieces I do may have what is referred to as "Barbie Nudity" which means lacking clothing, but showing no genitalia, nipples, etc.

5. Can I use your art?
My art can only be used with express licensing. You may not alter, copy, trace, reproduce or redistribute any of my work. If you are a commissioner, you have the rights to your commission from Nova Nocturne Art for personal use only unless commercial licensing was part of your contract. Otherwise, refer to your contract regarding your permissions.

6. Can I use your characters in my story/comic/etc?
I prefer to discuss this on a case by case basis.

7. What tools do you use?
Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 Drawing/Computer Tablet
Adobe Creative Suite
Substance Painter
Visual Studio Code