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Work hours must be prepaid for work to begin. Below are some examples of ideas of what you can commission.


Estimated work hours:

Estimated work hours are not a guarantee. Complexity, requested alterations and other factors may increase the number of work hours. Work will only be completed up to the amount of work hours prepaid for.

If you desire to add more time to your commission, you have 1 business day after your last prepaid work hour to decide whether to add more or not. If no further work hours are added, the commission will be considered complete and delivered via commissioner email.


References Required for Most Commissions:

If you do not have your character already designed, wish to alter a design you have, or have Nova Nocturne Art create a new design from scratch, please see the character design commissions first.



Please review Terms & Conditions and FAQs prior to filling out the commission order form. 

After filling out an order form, you will receive an invoice via PayPal itemizing your commission and costs. Upon paying your invoice, you will be added to the commission queue.

Work will not start on your commission until your invoice has been paid. Payment plans may be discussed as noted in the Terms and Conditions.



Coming Soon

Nova Nocturne Art will be expanding into the business of making animal costumes soon, under the subsidiary: MASQFURADE.
Masqfurade's goal is to create elegant, realistic animal costumes, with a bonus added to every order. Each order will include an outer masquerade style face mask specifically fitted to the animal mask underneath. You'll stand out combining the animal costume with formal wear and its custom fitted masquerade mask. Perfect for costume parties, conventions, photo shoots, impressing your friends and more!

Would You Like To Be The First?

In order to become the first commissioner, you must submit your application, and by doing so, agree to the following:

You will be partnering with Masqfurade/Nova Nocturne Art to create a new character designed specifically for you. Your reference sheet fee will be waived, and the character design included with the commission.

The commission will be for a partial costume including an animal character face mask made on a custom resin base, hand paw gloves, foot paw shoes, a tail, and the masquerade mask. This is a partial costume commission, it does not include a full body costume. This is negotiable however, but will incur an extra expense.

You agree that in lieu of most hourly expenses for the commission, that your expenses will mainly entail material cost; such as a model head, fabric/fur, needle, thread, modeling clay, heat form plastic, paints, casting resin and other such materials. Final pricing will be discussed and agreed upon with the commissioner.

Being the first Masqfurade customer is a one time only chance. The pricing on this commission will be significantly lower than future costume prices.