Video Game Coding

For my Autumn 2018 Semester in Intro to Digital Media Coding Class, I was tasked with building a simple side-scroller game. Now the is the result, free to play. It is absolutely into way complete, polished, nor professional. However, for a first attempt, I wouldn’t call it terrible. I’m pretty proud of how well it came out, given the issues that I had with wrapping my mind around coding. Hopefully, in the future, I can improve on this skill!

Please note this build is for Windows x64. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this causes. I won’t be able to export it for any other systems for the time being.


3D Modeling

For my 3D work, I currently use Zbrushcore and Maya. I decided to work on highlighting a favorite series of mine with the above works. A turnaround of the mouse and squirrel side by side may be seen here:


I have undertaken training in much of the Adobe Master Creative Suite, including, but not limited to, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Audition, and AfterEffects. Many examples of this can be seen highlighted here.

Video & Audio

I have been slowly building up my repertoire of skills, including video and audio editing. Below is a selection of videos highlighting this skill.

This is a sample of audio in which I practiced cleaning up background noise from a story narration.

This was a practice in editing the speed of a video to fit the audio timing.

This was my practice with timing, to ensure that the animatic I was creating fit well with the audio.

This was practice in editing music and narration together, as well as timing and visual editing.