Website Sponsor Event

Would you like to get a formal portrait that will be forever featured on this website naming you, yes YOU, a sponsor? By being a sponsor, you help grow this site, its content and enable it to be shared with everyone. You will forever deserve a huge thanks from Nova Nocturne, and the other people who follow this site. If you are interested, let me explain how to become a sponsor!

Your portrait will be complete in the order received. Upon completion of all the portraits for this event, a post will be made specifically featuring all the sponsors' portraits, thanking them for their support, and noting what each contributed to sponsoring. Your portrait and this same info will then be memorialized on the sponsor gallery page. The full resolution file (14" x 24" @ 300 DPI) will be sent to you via email. A sponsor has the rights to print their portrait for themselves if desired, or may request Nova Nocturne print and ship it to them; printing and shipping costs are covered by the sponsor. 

Here's an example of what a sponsor portrait will look like:

To this!


2018 Website Sponsor #1: RAE ORLAITHE

2018 Website Sponsor #2: GANON LIGER

2018 Website Sponsor #3: VYATH REKAER

By applying for one of these sponsorships, you agree to fund a minimum number of work hours (the number of hours is determined by event. The price is $15 per hour) for this event; any excess hours funded are greatly appreciated, but please note, you will not receive anything else beyond the portrait.

If you wish to have this printed on canvas, custom framed, and done up to look like a real painting, we can discuss that after the portrait is completed.

Ready to Sponsor?


I am stunned how quickly these slots filled up! Thank you everyone who applied! I am sorry for those who were interested who missed out. Don't worry! There will be more sponsorships available in the future if you want to get one of these formal portraits! Keep an eye out for when they become available!