A New Start!

Welcome, creatives, dreamers and the like!

I'm glad to welcome you to my shiny new website! After long deliberation, I finally decided it was time to get around to making one. I invite you to take a look around! It's still a little rough around the edges, but I'm getting everything in order.

This site will serve as a feed for all my new and upcoming works, a host for comics, blogs, and videos, a gallery of my past works, and my main method of contact and commission. By following, you will see behind the scenes content creation, works in progress, and all those sorts of goodies. I am doing this feed as an alternative to Patreon, because I want to share this all with my supporters and fans, and I don't necessarily feel rewards should go to only those who pay. Supporters come in all varieties, and whether you want to support me monetarily or with words of encouragement, it is all appreciated. 

Each month, I plan on making a fanart feature, a donator shout out, supporter thank you, a Q & A, and sharing most of the projects I am working on. Some I will keep secret for various reasons, but as soon as I am able, I'll be sharing them with you!

To all visitors old and new, my site will always be SFW, all ages friendly, so there should never be any worry about accidentally running into such content. If you are here looking for NSFW content, I can only advise, you won't find any here. 

My new commission rules and methods are to take effect immediately, barring commissions prior to this site going live. If you are looking to commission me, please, ensure you read over all my documentation. I know its extensive, but it's for your satisfaction and for me to provide the best service possible. When I am open for commissions, I'll announce it here first, then my social medias, so I highly recommend subscribing to this feed to be able to get a jump on it.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or so on, please feel free contact me via this site.

Keep dreamin! - Nova Nocturne