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It really is no secret that I'm a gigantic Redwall fan. I think I say that every time I post something Redwall related. Recently, I found myself wanting to design my own versions of prominent Redwall characters, so today, I made this brief speedpaint of Martin the Warrior! This was a design I had been playing around with for some time, and was even the design I derived my Tapestry off of (albeit a more simplified version).

Redwall Character Designs Martin.png

And here's the design alone so I can discuss a bit of my thought process on the matter. I wanted Martin to feel a bit dull in his color palette. Being a slave doesn't really do well for one's complexion after all!  I gave him the slightest hit of a dorsal stripe, which felt a bit more primitive, or aggressive, compared to other mouse colorations. In addition to that, I wanted his facial markings to look like a helm (note the way it his eyes are framed by the darker gray); his markings all pointing towards his nature of being a warrior. I choose the orange color of his eyes as it can feel very stark in contrast to the dullness of his pelt. Because his first book does not explain him getting armor, I decided against giving him any. I chose simple and functional clothing that might suit a slave in the lands to the cold North of Redwall. If anyone has seen the old animated version of Martin the Warrior, or the other Redwall books, they'll notice that his sword is not nearly as chunky as Nelvana's version. Like my estimate from my Asmodeus analysis video, I wanted the sword to be functional as a one handed weapon, which would be about 60% of Martin's body length. As well as I made it much thinner than other versions had drawn as my style requires the mouse design to not have so much upper body. This means I had to aim to make the sword lighter than a normal human sword might be. I made his tail about the same length as his sword for ease of drawing, as well as it seemed to make a good balance for when using the sword. All in all, I rather like how this turned out! Don't forget to vote on the video card for which character I should draw next and thank you for dropping by!

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