AWU 2018 Commission List & Updates!


This last weekend I attended Anthro Weekend Utah as firstly the Dealers' Director and a dealer myself! It was great weekend and I had such a wonderful time meeting people. In addition to my own table, I also ran a panel, called A History of Redwall. Additionally, I played a board game I developed called Redwallur with anyone who dropped by and wanted to play with me, and some people even beat me at my own game! It was great! For anyone who was wondering about any of these things, the panel, the board game, etc, please feel free to contact me! I'll be happy to chat!

Secondly, here is the list of commissions now on my to-do list from AWU 2018. I will be working on the order of these as listed here. The completed commissions will also be added to the gallery on this post to keep the commissioners updated on my progress towards their commissions.

Halloween Creepy Badges:

  • Red - Artwork Completed - Approved - Printed - Received by commissioner!

  • Jake - Artwork Completed - Approved - Printed - Received by commissioner!

D&D Chibi Badges:

  • Dragonwise - Artwork Completed - Approved - Printed - Received by commissioner!

  • Vincent - Artwork Completed - Approved - Needs to be printed

  • Nikko (to be completed with Natus badge)

  • Natus (to be completed after ref commission)

General Artwork:

  • John - 3/3 hours complete. Commissioner wants to add more at later date for more completed artwork

  • Chief Scarneck - Artwork Completed - Approved - Needs to be printed

  • Adryx - Artwork complete - Approved - No print

  • Nikko - 5 hours remaining

  • Drakkir - 10 hours remaining

Lastly, I am starting school next week! I'm so flipping excited, and worried, a bit nervous I might say! I am going to be working towards getting into a game design and animation degree. It has been a long time dream of mine to achieve, and now, just a week away from taking that first step. Please wish me luck!

Keep Dreamin'!

Nova Nocturne

2018 Website Sponsor Feature

Welcome Creatives, Dreamers, and the like!

This year, the NovaNocturne.Art Website has been sponsored by the following people! A big thank you goes out to each of them, as they have contributed to helping make it possible to host the site for the year.

To Rae; You have been a huge supporter over the years and I am proud to be able to dedicate this portrait in your honor and feature it here, on this website for many years to come!

To Ganon; A relatively new follower of mine, you have been exceedingly active in boosting my work, and cheering me on. The encouragement is more than anyone could ask for.

To Vyath; It has been a great experience having you as my friend, and I look forward to the more shenanigans we and our friends can get up to in the future. The support is more helpful than you can imagine.

And without further ado, here are the portraits of each of 2018's Website Sponsors. I would encourage anyone who follows this website to express any appreciation they feel appropriate towards those who have made the site possible this year. Making it all publicly available is made possible by their contributions.

Larger versions of these portraits may be viewed on the sponsor page.

Rae Orlaithe

Rae Orlaithe

Ganon Liger

Ganon Liger

Vyath Rekaer

Vyath Rekaer