Masqfurade! Plastic Faces On Parade!


If you remember back to the beginning of last month, I talked a little bit about this, but I am very excited to introduce the next step in finalizing my learning process for making fursuits. Thanks to my friend Talon Windstryke, who has graciously worked with me on printing my 3D sculpted mask. Thanks to his help, this is the result!

Completed Nova Nocturne Mask Print!

It needs a little sanding and smoothing, but from what Talon said, it is very lightweight. I'll have to get a good set of tools to do some of the work on it (such as cutting out the jaw, and figuring out hinges and so on). I think I may try to do the eyes in the method Kazul of Kazplay, like her Graymane cosplay's eyes. I feel it would give Nova a really lovely, focused appearance. When I finally have the piece in hand, I'll be able to better determine what I want to do for the teeth, as well as If I can squeeze in a fan for ventilation. I know its odd that I had the full shape of the points printed out for her. This is mainly a test to see what I can do to make it work. 

Be sure to check out the printing process pictures!


Now, because this is a project that will take time and money, I may open up sponsorships to involve my awesome followers and allow them to get some art in return for their support of this project. These sponsorships will only open up once my current list of commissions is finished. I look forward to seeing how this all plays out and I hope that this fursuit making attempt is a success!

Keep dreaming everyone!

~ Nova Nocturne