Studying Character Design

Welcome creatives, dreamers, and the like!

Today, I made this brief speedpaint of Laterose of Noonvale! 

My thought process while designing Rose:

I wanted Rose to have a soft and warm appearance. Her coat color is meant to be more vibrant than the design I did of Martin, with rounder and simpler markings to reflect her gentle demeanor. Her eyes needed to be less intense in color than Martin's eyes so I made them a deep brown to be more welcoming. I also wanted her clothing to feel travel-ready, as in most of the book content, Rose was on a journey to and from Marshank. Figuring that she comes from a small village, she would have simple garb. It felt fitting to give her a lightweight dress, that was close to our world's equivalent of a medieval time period  and the northern climate of the UK, in addition to a traveling cloak. The rose on her ear may be a bit on the nose, but I felt it was a nice accessory.

Keep Dreamin' - Nova Nocturne

PS, for the sake of making a character lineup (a pretty small lineup at the moment), here's the first of the two character designs I've done.

Studying Character Design

Welcome creatives, dreamers, and the like!

It really is no secret that I'm a gigantic Redwall fan. I think I say that every time I post something Redwall related. Recently, I found myself wanting to design my own versions of prominent Redwall characters, so today, I made this brief speedpaint of Martin the Warrior! This was a design I had been playing around with for some time, and was even the design I derived my Tapestry off of (albeit a more simplified version).

Redwall Character Designs Martin.png

And here's the design alone so I can discuss a bit of my thought process on the matter. I wanted Martin to feel a bit dull in his color palette. Being a slave doesn't really do well for one's complexion after all!  I gave him the slightest hit of a dorsal stripe, which felt a bit more primitive, or aggressive, compared to other mouse colorations. In addition to that, I wanted his facial markings to look like a helm (note the way it his eyes are framed by the darker gray); his markings all pointing towards his nature of being a warrior. I choose the orange color of his eyes as it can feel very stark in contrast to the dullness of his pelt. Because his first book does not explain him getting armor, I decided against giving him any. I chose simple and functional clothing that might suit a slave in the lands to the cold North of Redwall. If anyone has seen the old animated version of Martin the Warrior, or the other Redwall books, they'll notice that his sword is not nearly as chunky as Nelvana's version. Like my estimate from my Asmodeus analysis video, I wanted the sword to be functional as a one handed weapon, which would be about 60% of Martin's body length. As well as I made it much thinner than other versions had drawn as my style requires the mouse design to not have so much upper body. This means I had to aim to make the sword lighter than a normal human sword might be. I made his tail about the same length as his sword for ease of drawing, as well as it seemed to make a good balance for when using the sword. All in all, I rather like how this turned out! Don't forget to vote on the video card for which character I should draw next and thank you for dropping by!

Keep Dreamin' - Nova Nocturne

The Tapestry - A Pet Project Follow Up


You may have seen my previous post on this matter, but I am excited to share that my pet project of making my own version of the Redwall Tapestry is completed, and I would like to share it with you! The image I previously posted has now been made into a beautifully woven blanket, which has given it that more tactile feel as compared to a printed image. I didn't imagine it would turn out this well. I absolutely love how it turned out! The blanket, which can double as a wallhanging piece of decor, is 60 in x 80 in. I would love to make more blanket/tapestry styled works. I was so giddy when this arrived. Feel free to browse this gallery for more detail shots of the piece!

A copy of the tapestry that I sent to the studio, was briefly featured on this live stream with Soma Game's Chris and Sammi: 

I would like to see about selling these, though I have some things I would need to settle to ensure I wouldn't be encroaching on any rights, and that sort of legal stuff. Plus, I don't know how much anyone else would be into the idea, mainly because they are quite pricey to produce at the quality level I find acceptable. If I were to sell copies of this tapestry, would you care to buy it? Please be aware this isn't for sure a possibility, but if you are interested, the more feedback I get, the more effort I can put into making it a reality (I hope).

A Pet Project


It’s pretty well known that I am a huge Redwall fan. The books, show, lore and characters were a crucial part of my childhood development. In recent years, I’ve had that passion return more than ever before. And I feel I can more adequately express this now through my skill in art. One fascinating part of the stories in the Redwall universe, that I always loved the idea of, was the Redwall Tapestry. And now, I have taken the time to draw up my own interpretation it!

My decisions in this design highly reflect historical styles such as Insular art, also known as Hiberno-Saxon art. I wanted my piece to feel like something that would be a proper design for the time period in which Redwall takes place. The illuminated scripts of the Book of Kells was a large inspiration. The designs of such historic art reflect a gorgeous complex simplicity, that is so difficult to emulate. Somehow, they feel flat, but extra dimensional at the same time.

I wanted to capture the awe and reverence that you might feel while looking at the art from the time period. I also knew that color palettes were limited in that day and age, so I wanted a challenge to ensure I kept it simple, and that I avoided rich royal colors; such as deep blue and purple. Instead I opted for grays instead of blues, which would look like they were a cooler tone while next to the warmth of the rest of the image.

In addition to that, I have also found a way to bring it into the physical world in the form of a huge woven blanket, which I can absolutely see myself hanging up on the wall. The idea of making something like this was absolutely thrilling! But it meant that I would have to deal with another limitation. Making it into a woven piece, I couldn’t do a lot of detail. That was alright, as it was fitting of the insular/hiberno-saxon style to be more simple, with little-to-no shading. I had to ensure the lines I made were bold enough to be captured in the weave.

I’m on the next step of ordering the piece, and depending on things from there, I may try to take the time to embroider gold thread onto the physical version. I’ve never embroidered before, but I figure it could be a good time to try! 

Would you care to see the finished tapestry? Let me know!Are any of you Redwall fans? What’s your favorite Redwall Book and why? I’d love to hear from you!

Keep dreamin’! ~ Nova Nocturne