Studying Character Design

Welcome creatives, dreamers, and the like!

Today, I made this brief speedpaint of Laterose of Noonvale! 

My thought process while designing Rose:

I wanted Rose to have a soft and warm appearance. Her coat color is meant to be more vibrant than the design I did of Martin, with rounder and simpler markings to reflect her gentle demeanor. Her eyes needed to be less intense in color than Martin's eyes so I made them a deep brown to be more welcoming. I also wanted her clothing to feel travel-ready, as in most of the book content, Rose was on a journey to and from Marshank. Figuring that she comes from a small village, she would have simple garb. It felt fitting to give her a lightweight dress, that was close to our world's equivalent of a medieval time period  and the northern climate of the UK, in addition to a traveling cloak. The rose on her ear may be a bit on the nose, but I felt it was a nice accessory.

Keep Dreamin' - Nova Nocturne

PS, for the sake of making a character lineup (a pretty small lineup at the moment), here's the first of the two character designs I've done.