Not Just An Artist


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It’s a little known fact that in addition to my artwork, I have been working on writing a novel, based in a world that has been in development for just about 8 years now. That’s development of the world, maps, creation, lore, mythos, 150+ races, 30+ gods, cultures, and even so far as developing a base language which other languages may eventually be derived from. I’ve even gone so far as developing a genotype/phenotype generator so I can determine how mixed races would look. It is a bit extensive. The summary of the first novel took me two years to write. Just the summary that ended up being 25 pages long! And recently I have been working on actually writing the chapters. I’m about 3 chapters in now, but it is hard to keep up the work on writing it.

Because of this I have some questions to my fellow creatives. What helps you stay motivated on difficult projects? What tricks do you have to get things done when you are in a funk?

And my second point to all this is to gauge if anyone might be interested in following this project as it develops. I am considering posting artwork, excerpts, development work, maybe even full chapters. Now I know I haven’t really elaborated on what my work has been all about and it would be difficult to determine if you may be interested, without knowing more; so let me give a small introduction to the project:

My work is that of an epic anthropomorphic fantasy, where mere mortals and grand Gods mingle. I've had a few people review the summary so far, and many have compared it to the depth of Lord of the Rings with how much is under the surface of just this single story. Others have expressed absolute anger at some of my decisions as an author because they became invested in the characters, which I really appreciate! It pays homage to a favorite author of mine, Brian Jacques, and other fictions I read when I was young. If you are a fan of the likes of Redwall, Mistmantle Chronicles, The Twelve Kingdoms, Mouse Guard, and so on, I feel like this may be a good fit for your tastes. It does have violence, dark themes that may not sit well with all audiences. Reader discretion is advised. The target audience is for older teens to young adults.

"All give some and some give all. The Magi are expected to sacrificing everything in the name and power of the Gods they serve. A young Ricani Magi, named Safanya, is doing her best to follow her creed, but one creature's vow for vengeance against those who enslaved his son, has swept her into a trial of faith by ice and fire. One thing is certain to Safanya as their journey begins together: No wrath shall be spared."

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you would be interested at all, please comment! And if you have any insight on keeping motivated when creativity is tough to come by, please do share! Thanks!

Keep dreaming!

~Nova Nocturne