The Tapestry - A Pet Project Follow Up


You may have seen my previous post on this matter, but I am excited to share that my pet project of making my own version of the Redwall Tapestry is completed, and I would like to share it with you! The image I previously posted has now been made into a beautifully woven blanket, which has given it that more tactile feel as compared to a printed image. I didn't imagine it would turn out this well. I absolutely love how it turned out! The blanket, which can double as a wallhanging piece of decor, is 60 in x 80 in. I would love to make more blanket/tapestry styled works. I was so giddy when this arrived. Feel free to browse this gallery for more detail shots of the piece!

A copy of the tapestry that I sent to the studio, was briefly featured on this live stream with Soma Game's Chris and Sammi: 

I would like to see about selling these, though I have some things I would need to settle to ensure I wouldn't be encroaching on any rights, and that sort of legal stuff. Plus, I don't know how much anyone else would be into the idea, mainly because they are quite pricey to produce at the quality level I find acceptable. If I were to sell copies of this tapestry, would you care to buy it? Please be aware this isn't for sure a possibility, but if you are interested, the more feedback I get, the more effort I can put into making it a reality (I hope).

Monologue of a Fool Album Cover


I'm rather proud to share this piece done for a commissioner as a cover for their upcoming album! There's not quite an ETA for its release date, but if I find out, I'll be sure to update this post!

Monologue Of A Fool
By Lukia

And in other news...

I got let go from that job I just barely got, so I'm back on the hunt for some employment to supplement my husband's and my journey towards getting a house and getting into school. It has been a bit of a frustrating set back as from what I gather, they let me go due to getting injured on the job. However, all is not lost, and I have a job interview lined up for tomorrow! Really hoping I get it. Though, because I won't be working at the same place as my husband, that brings up another setback, that I'll likely have to get a car for myself so I can get to work, which will deplete our house savings. One step forward, two steps back. BUT I refuse to give up. I know I can get a job, and get past this roadblock.

Otherwise, I am close to wrapping up the last of my commission list, so I will likely be doing some more sponsorships soon! Keep an eye out for that!

Keep dreaming everyone!

~ Nova Nocturne

A Redo Experiment

Welcome, creatives, dreamers and the like!

A big thanks to JH Wolf for testing out my commission function on my new website, and allowing me to do an artistic freedom piece redoing a very very old work I did back in 2013. I redid this piece with my focus being on capturing the character more than the surroundings and environment. I had a great time testing out new fur techniques, and trying to focus more on my style. I think I have a new favorite brush to use. Clearly, my understanding of anatomy, lighting, and color has significantly improved between 2013 and 2018 (you can see the comparison below). I look forward to making more improvements as time goes on. I think I may try experimenting more with this more painted-like style. It's even messier than my other works, but I think that it looks more like it was on purpose here compared to my older style.

I will likely be opening for other commissions soon! Keep an eye out on here for the announcement!

Diamondback Portrait
2013 VS 2018

2013 VS 2018