Choice of Fuzz!


We have gotten past the first quarter of the year and what a crazy ride it has been already. I really feel like this will be an establishing year for my artwork, once I finally get life settled. Right now, I am aiming to focus on developing my exact style which will be used for my fursuit making technique. As it is an experimental endeavor, I expect to have a lot of trial and error. I’m ready to move to the next step with getting the fur and other materials. I plan on sharing each day that I work on this project, so be sure to follow along!

I am currently selecting the fur that I will be using for my Nova costume. For the moment, I want to stick with only doing a partial costume, one that can be worn with normal everyday clothing, as well as other costume outfits. I can’t say for sure if I will ever want to do full body suit costumes. We will have to see, I suppose! Anyway, I went through around 25 shades of brown faux fur swatches, checking length, thickness, breathability, weave durability, and so forth. There are so many choices, and thankfully because of that, I don’t think I will have need of much airbrushing for my character. I can’t say for sure if I will want to do airbrushing with my suits. I rather like the idea of not needing to worry about washing off airbrushed markings.

And here we are! My choices. I reduced the number of colors I would need to buy, from five to four. I'm going with Mendel's Punky Muppet in 4 hues: Chocolate, Mushroom, Vanilla, and Off-White. I may have to do some blending, but I like where this is at. I was possibly going to add Fawn Brown because it was SO luxuriously soft, but It wasn't enough of a contrast, and it would just mean more extraneous sewing that I felt would be unnecessary for my character. I'll be ordering the fur soon hopefully. (Before the month is done if I'm lucky.) As I have been saving up as much money as I could over the last few months. Originally that fund was going to go towards commissioning someone else to make this for me, but I thought more and more.... I could do it if I were to really put my mind to it!

Before I get the fur in bulk, I also will be working on the other side of this costuming business that I had in mind. Which is that I want to make a masquerade mask that will fit over the fursuit mask itself. Something elegant and formal. If everything goes as planned, then this will be something I offer as a bonus to anyone who commissions a costume from me; a fursuit-fitted masquerade mask with every order! This may sound hammy, but I have always enjoyed the thought of a formal fursuit masquerade ball. That is where my subsidiary business name even came from, “Masqfurade.” It’s amazingly exciting to see it coming to fruition. Below is a quick concept of what Nova's masquerade mask might look like when I am finished.

Thanks for following along so far with my artistic journey! I hope you'll all continue to keep up as I learn and grow this skill! And as always....

Keep dreamin'! ~ Nova Nocturne

Masqfurade! Plastic Faces On Parade!


If you remember back to the beginning of last month, I talked a little bit about this, but I am very excited to introduce the next step in finalizing my learning process for making fursuits. Thanks to my friend Talon Windstryke, who has graciously worked with me on printing my 3D sculpted mask. Thanks to his help, this is the result!

Completed Nova Nocturne Mask Print!

It needs a little sanding and smoothing, but from what Talon said, it is very lightweight. I'll have to get a good set of tools to do some of the work on it (such as cutting out the jaw, and figuring out hinges and so on). I think I may try to do the eyes in the method Kazul of Kazplay, like her Graymane cosplay's eyes. I feel it would give Nova a really lovely, focused appearance. When I finally have the piece in hand, I'll be able to better determine what I want to do for the teeth, as well as If I can squeeze in a fan for ventilation. I know its odd that I had the full shape of the points printed out for her. This is mainly a test to see what I can do to make it work. 

Be sure to check out the printing process pictures!


Now, because this is a project that will take time and money, I may open up sponsorships to involve my awesome followers and allow them to get some art in return for their support of this project. These sponsorships will only open up once my current list of commissions is finished. I look forward to seeing how this all plays out and I hope that this fursuit making attempt is a success!

Keep dreaming everyone!

~ Nova Nocturne

Gift Art & Commission Closed

Welcome creatives, dreamers and the like!

I would like to feature the artwork done for me this month as my birthday just past and these amazingly considerate and generous people made the following artwork for me.

Please check out any more of their work on their respective pages. They are all such wonderful people and wonderful friends. I could not possibly have imagined there would be people in my life that are so kind. 

A big thank you goes out to everyone who wished me a happy birthday too. The amount of care that people show really astounds me. I'm going to try ensuring I mention each one here: Mom, Dad, Addie, Lauren, Gavin, Levi, Marius, Tizzy, Vitex, Kay, Neon, Lane, Chris, Gina, Levi, Ulrike, Luna, Xamorah, Vyath, Midnite, Douglas, Zane, Johnithan, PrinceCalil, Titus, FoxWarrior, Ethan, BlackfirePhoenix, Yoshi, Kelaiah, Real-s, Werahatake, Thewolfstudieos, Eryk, Emily, Megan, Darick, Tusoul, Cynthia, Kara, Dart, Christine, Christina, Heather, Leslie, Ron, Joyce, Kaity, & Arlene. I apologize if I missed your name. I will try to ensure I catch everyone each year. And last but not least, an announcement:

Commissions opening!

I will be opening commissions for 3 artwork slots, which can be grabbed today; which will then be done after a visit this week by a person who is very important to me. My husband's and my native coordinator from China is coming to visit soon. She and her family are visiting this week, and I am super excited to have them over! If you check the comics under the gallery page, you can get a little introduction to her. I have drawn her as a little bird, with a STRONG personality.

Don't forget to apply for a commission after reading the terms of service!

Slot 1: Lukia Kyoryu
Slot 2: Maiara
Slot 3: Polar Star

Please note, this is NOT a sponsor event, and thus the formal portraits are not available at this time. This policy is not set in stone, and may change in the future, but for now, they will be for sponsor events only.