Masqfurade Project 2 - Marius The Bull Dragon

Welcome dreamers, creatives and the like!

Recently it was my husband's birthday, and I decided to use a learning opportunity for me, on making a gift for him. In addition to my own personal fursuit mask, I am adding his to my current projects! And let me just say how excited I am for this! Once again with the awesome help of Talon Windstryke, I had the model I had made of my husband's personal character, Marius Octavius Aurelius - The Bull Dragon, 3D printed!

Above, you can see the results of Talon's efforts to get the model to work. There was a lot of troubleshooting and multiple failed attempts that resulted in plastic spaghetti. I was worried at some points that due to the limitations of the 3D printer, we might not be able to do it, or that we would have to make the mask too small for my husband's head. I did learn from doing my own mask that it was easier to separate the jaw from the mask before printing it. Doing this luckily gave us enough space to print the top and bottom halves separately.

Once those were complete, it was time for the horns; and they turned out absolutely fantastic! They were printed specifically to fit into the sockets of the headbase and are incredibly lightweight for how large they are. They turned out incredibly durable and will eventually be secured with heavy duty earth magnets  so that we can detach them when the mask isn't being worn. Doing so will hopefully protect them from too much wear and tear over the years (as protecting other things from being impaled by them haha!).

I am incredibly happy with how this project is turning out so far and I am looking forward to the next step in completing this, as well as my own mask. Additionally, I am considering purchasing my own 3D printer (So I can stop hogging Talon's printer), so that I can offer things like this; mask bases, custom figurines, and so on. What sorts of 3D printed things would you be interested in buying? If I were to open sponsorships to fund getting a 3D printer, would you be interested? What if I sweetened the sponsorships with not just a portrait, but maybe some additional perks? Let me know in the comments below!

Keep dreaming! ~ Nova Nocturne

Gift Art & Commission Closed

Welcome creatives, dreamers and the like!

I would like to feature the artwork done for me this month as my birthday just past and these amazingly considerate and generous people made the following artwork for me.

Please check out any more of their work on their respective pages. They are all such wonderful people and wonderful friends. I could not possibly have imagined there would be people in my life that are so kind. 

A big thank you goes out to everyone who wished me a happy birthday too. The amount of care that people show really astounds me. I'm going to try ensuring I mention each one here: Mom, Dad, Addie, Lauren, Gavin, Levi, Marius, Tizzy, Vitex, Kay, Neon, Lane, Chris, Gina, Levi, Ulrike, Luna, Xamorah, Vyath, Midnite, Douglas, Zane, Johnithan, PrinceCalil, Titus, FoxWarrior, Ethan, BlackfirePhoenix, Yoshi, Kelaiah, Real-s, Werahatake, Thewolfstudieos, Eryk, Emily, Megan, Darick, Tusoul, Cynthia, Kara, Dart, Christine, Christina, Heather, Leslie, Ron, Joyce, Kaity, & Arlene. I apologize if I missed your name. I will try to ensure I catch everyone each year. And last but not least, an announcement:

Commissions opening!

I will be opening commissions for 3 artwork slots, which can be grabbed today; which will then be done after a visit this week by a person who is very important to me. My husband's and my native coordinator from China is coming to visit soon. She and her family are visiting this week, and I am super excited to have them over! If you check the comics under the gallery page, you can get a little introduction to her. I have drawn her as a little bird, with a STRONG personality.

Don't forget to apply for a commission after reading the terms of service!

Slot 1: Lukia Kyoryu
Slot 2: Maiara
Slot 3: Polar Star

Please note, this is NOT a sponsor event, and thus the formal portraits are not available at this time. This policy is not set in stone, and may change in the future, but for now, they will be for sponsor events only.

Marius Octavius Aurelius

Welcome Creatives, Dreamers, and the like!

Because my husband, Marius, is always supporting me, and giving me his paychecks, I figured I needed to honor him as a sponsor as well; and this portrait is a bit of an early Valentine's Day gift. I totally had to alter my own personal portrait to match his. If you care to see it, it can also be seen on the sponsor page.

Additionally, I rearranged the site just a bit. The sponsors, donators, and general supporters now each have their own dedicated page, with a direct link on the footer of every page of the site. I really want lots of credit to go towards those who support me in any way!