Digital Media Commission Form

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Real Name
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Character Name
Do you want a print of your commission? *
Digital delivery via email is free. Shipping is covered by the commissioner. Size, material and other details of the print will be discussed upon later contact.
Do you wish to license to your commission? *
If you license the rights to your commission, a contract will be put together regarding royalties for commercial reproduction, redistribution, or resell of your commission. Nova Nocturne Art will retain most ownership rights of the artwork, but the contract will state exactly what you are allowed to do with the art until the license runs out.
Do you wish to buy the rights to your commission? *
If you do not want to pay royalties nor have a term license, you may buy the rights to your commission. If you do not buy the rights, your digital copy of the commission will be a 72 DPI resolution. If you do buy the rights, the digital copy will be 300 to 600 DPI resolution (depending on the format) to allow you to do what you want with the artwork. By buying the rights, your contract may allow the following: reproduce, redistribute, resell copies of the artwork. The details and cost will be discussed in your contract.
By applying you agree to the terms and conditions of service of Nova Nocturne Art. You agree to pay the amount you selected on this form via workhours, but understand that if you wish further work to be done on your commission, it will incur extra charges, based on the number of additional work hours. For all other details, please refer to the terms of service.