Slice of Life COMIC Strips

I don’t have many comics currently, but here are just a few funnies for you to enjoy! I have plans for a much bigger world and stories to go with it in the future. Please keep an eye out for when those arrive!

3D Modeling

For my 3D work, I currently use Zbrushcore, Maya, & Substance Painter. See interactive models on my SketchFab.

Ye Ole Petrolee Inn

I made this as part of my introduction to 3D modeling class for my final. The assignment was to build an abandoned gas station, however, we were granted the freedom to theme it however we wanted. I wanted to try my hand at building a medieval-esque tavern, thus Ye Ole Petrolee Inn was born!

A Mess of Mice

It really is no secret that I am an giant nerd when it comes to the Redwall franchise, so I couldn’t resist making a collection of generic mice with various outfits appropriate for a medieval setting.