Personal FAQ

1. Who are you? Who is Nova?
My name is Alexis Larson. I'm an LDS gal from Cali, living in Utah with my husband & my dog. Please see About Me for more info. Nova is the anthropomorphic personification of my online presence, and represents myself in the Furry Fandom. She is also my mascot, a tabletop roleplaying character, and more.

2.What animal is Nova?
Nova is a ringtail.

3. Why the name "Nova Nocturne Bassarisk Aurelius?"
I pick names for their meaning. Here are the translations for each name:
Nova - New star or Chases butterflies
Nocturne - Dream song or Of the night
Bassarisk - Ringtail
Aurelius - Golden/Gilded *Aurelius is Nova's married name.

4. Nova is married?
Yes, to Marius Octavius Aurelius, the bull dragon hybrid, who is owned by my husband in real life.

5. Can I draw Nova (or Marius) fan art?
Fan art is always loved! I may even feature it in a blog, video, or give you a shout out.

6. Why would I donate? What do my donations go towards?
Donations are a small way to show appreciation for content created by Nova Nocturne. Donations are considered gifts and will not receive any form of compensation, other than a thank you, and being listed as a sponsor on the monthly sponsor shout out. Any donations made through the donate feature on the site footer go towards site upkeep (such as hosting and domain), the creation of new content, and helps Nova Nocturne with other life expenses.